TINY: A Story About Living Small

Daniela Rible (SFGFF), "Tiny" filmmakers, Rachal Caplan (SFGFF)
Daniela Rible (SFGFF), “Tiny” filmmakers, Rachal Caplan (SFGFF)
Solar-powered outdoor screening
Solar-powered outdoor screening
Rachal Caplan, SFGFF director w/Tiny film directors
Rachal Caplan, SFGFF director w/Tiny film directors

It was a wonderful kick-off to the 3rd Annual San Francisco Green Film Festival!  An outdoor, solar-powered screening of “TINY – A Story About Living Small” was enjoyed by a shivering crowd of environmental enthusiasts.  The simple plot,  one man’s quest to build a small house on wheels, is interspersed with interviews with Tiny House builders and urban planners. The film takes the personal and makes it political by inspiring others to follow the filmmaker’s lead in living off the grid.  “Tiny” is suspenseful and beautifully shot.  The entertaining film was followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers, Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller.  They were later joined by Jay Shafer, interviewed in the film, who drove down from Sonoma County and Chaz Peling from Sol Solutions who  provided the solar power for the film.  It was a chilly San Francisco evening but judging by the eager questions from the audience, it was clear that reducing our footprint is of much interest, and that many people were already pursuing similar changes in their own lives!



Rating: 4 pints of sustainable, organic beer–locally-sourced, of course!

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