Enough Said–Sex for Real People

Rarely do American audiences get treated to sex scenes that depict what it might be like for a middle-aged couple to become intimate…without one of them getting murdered or dying of a disease.  While it’s nice to spend time with beautiful people on the big screen rolling around in a passionate embrace; it’s a lovely fantasy since both you and I know that someone would fall off that bed or have bad breath…or trip on those casually-tossed under things!  That’s one of the reasons Enough Said is so delightful and refreshing.  Granted, it’s a comedy so the awkward moments are not only fitting, but somewhat expected.

Such a sweet kissing scene!

Still, it’s so romantic to see two grown-ups embark on what feels like a realistic journey toward intimacy.  The scene where Eva, played with panache by Julia Louis-Dreyfus teases James Gandolfini‘s character about his teeth—peering in his mouth in a silly but tender moment…now THAT feels real.  Nicole Holofcener has a real knack for crafting dialogue and scenes that not only reveal character but also ring true.  Here we have two actors that aren’t displayed like romantic mannequins with soft-light and acrobatic moves.  Enough Said is brave enough to show the moments of accidental hair-pulling, the missed connections that come with not being clear or honest with each other…things that real couples deal with every day.  Lucky for us, Nicole Holofcenter got to capture those moments with these fine actors.

Rating: 4 glasses of wine

For some more films with interesting depictions of women’s sexuality:


Bechdel Rating: There is discussion of what these women do for work but sadly there is LOTS of discussion about the male love interest.  Fortunately the daughter talks about her relationship to her mother.

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