Tribute for Shirley MacLaine at BIFF

Lifetime Acheivement Award

It was a wonderful evening at the Boulder Theater as BIFF honored Shirley MacLaine with the Career Achievement Award. A packed house applauded the films in the retrospective reel and Shirley MacLaine had the crowd eating out of her hand as she teased the Host, Ron Bostwick. He did a great job of leading the interview to explore Shirley’s 60-year career spanning dance, Broadway, film, television and her latest career as best-selling author.

Looking glamorous in a gold glittery jacket and simple black slacks and pants, Shirley seemed to be wearing a wig and was in high spirits. She reacted with quick wit and sarcasm to questions and if she had a hard time remembering some titles of her filmography; who could blame her with such an expansive career! She spoke about her days with the Brat Pack and her recent adventures with Jack Black, whom she admires and thinks of as a great performer; “he can sing and dance and serenaded me many times”.

She spoke briefly about her metaphysical work and many of the audience thanked her for her books, particularly Out On A Limb. Ron discussed her trek across Spain where she walked 20 miles a day for 15 days — her biggest challenge? Trying to stay alone so she could use the time as a meditation. And she mused, “I only thought about men for half an hour the whole time…what does that mean?”

I would have loved to hear more about her recent work on “Downtown Abbey” but she has so many new films (4 this year!) in the works and a book to promote so there was a lot of ground to cover.
She was vivacious, lively and thoughtful. She discussed her deep love and admiration for her dog that recently lost his sight and is deaf but still inspires her.
A few woman solicited her advice or asked for personal appearances (and even her phone number!) but Shirley handled it all like the old pro that she is…a little sarcastic but still humorously and never with a hurtful or mean remark.
Generous of spirit, Shirley MacLaine is a class act all the way!

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