“Laggies”– a reverse Apatow

Okay, not really a REVERSE Judd Apatow movie but Laggies is similar to an Apatow film; only the Seth Rogen role is played in this film by Keira Knightly.


How much you enjoy the film will depend on whether you like Keira Knightly in her twinkly, cutesy roles.  If you are like me and prefer to limit your Knightly exposure to her British films, skip this one.

It’s an interesting exploration of one woman’s journey back to adolescence but rather than indulging in jokes about bodily functions and bad behavior, director Lynn Shelton explores how not wanting to make the wrong choices in life can sometimes lead to interesting situations.  In this case, living in a teen’s bedroom.

Laggies poster

With a dumb poster and truly awful tagline (A Comedy About Acting Your Age And Other Adult Decisions), I fear this sweet film will not find it’s audience.  It’s not as insightful as  Your Sister’s Sister, nor as awkward as Humpday, but Sam Rockwell is wonderful in the film.  And Chloë Grace Moretz gives her usual wise teen performance a nice warmth here.  Kaitlyn Dever plays the best friend with a nice sarcasm.  She was so good in Short Term 12 and also did a great job in Men Women & Children.  These teen actors are amazing.

Now if only someone had stopped Keira Knightley from wearing that ugly white dress!

Rating: 3 shots of tequila while wearing really ugly clothes

Bechdel rating: passes.  Some good talk about bad parenting.

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