The 65th Emmy’s—-that’s a wrap!

There were a lot of beautiful gowns and some poignant moments in last night’s Emmy’s program.  Neil Patrick Harris was a sauve and sweetly sarcastic host and the inclusion of a marvelous dance number to highlight the choreography category was a fabulous addition.  Having a Daft Punk song featured on the the show seemed like a fabulous coup.

The biggest thrill to me was to have so many women up there on stage, particularly the first woman winning as a director for a comedy series, Gail Mancuso–only the 2nd Emmy ever for a woman director and for the female writers receiving awards.

Writing for a comedy series:”30 Rock,” Tina Fey and Tracey Wigfield

Gail Mancuso Picture

Directing for a comedy series:”Modern Family,” Gail Mancuso

Writing for a miniseries, movie or a dramatic special:”The Hour,” Abi Morgan

Not that it wasn’t great to see so many actresses receive awards, and I do love that everyone seemed genuinely complimentary of the other talented people in their category.  Yet so much of publicity around awards shows is all about the fashion!  It’s a lot of talk about who’s wearing whom…so it’s nice to be able to spotlight women’s talents, and not just their chests!  Can someone please ask Sofia (Vergara) to take a note from Sophia (Loren) and add some class to her sass!  Every time the talented Claire Danes was on the stage, I wanted someone to offer her a wrap, a scarf, a cloak!

Is there a reason to have big song numbers on a show that celebrates television?  Is there a category for musical numbers that I missed?  As much as I adore Neil Patrick Harris, his over-long skit about his hosting obsession was too much.  It was amusing when Micheal Douglas thanked Matt Damon in such a sexually-suggestive manner.  So many of the presenters seem to have color-coordinated their outfits: black suit with white dress with black flowers, bright solid color gowns that were complimentary, Will Ferrell in shorts and his kids in sweatpants!

Overall, I’d say it was a fun show.  Some moving tributes, some funny moments and some lovely speeches.  I could do with less singing but I did enjoy the dance sequences and Neil Patrick Harris is a great host.  From someone who doesn’t really watch television, I’d have to say that the Wall Street Journal article calling Netflix the big winner of the evening is right on!  The quality of the shows and the way the audiences access those shows is changing and the awards definitely reflect that.

For a film lover like myself though, nothing beats the joy of a great film seen with an audience in a theater.  I like the way Joe Morgenstern put it: ” …features retain a special place in popular entertainment. They do more than abide, to borrow from “The Big Lebowski,” they beguile and delight. The independent filmmaker Rian Johnson—his most recent movie was the stylish sci-fi action adventure “Looper”—has directed three episodes of “Breaking Bad,” and has nothing but good to say of having done so. Still, his next project is a feature. “It’s not a case of the superiority of one medium over the other,” he said. “The storytelling is just fundamentally different. For me it comes down to endings. TV shows by their nature don’t end until they stop. I love the way a good ending in a film defines the film in a more profound way than serialized storytelling can. It leaves the rest up to you. The characters go on from there in your mind.”

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