Sex at the Cinema–but first, a little philosophy….

Nyphomaniac--Charlotte Gainsbourgh
Nyphomaniac–Charlotte Gainsbourgh

There are some wonderful, sexy movies playing at your local cineplex and some provocative ones on the way.  For those of you new to the Drinks With Films blog; A little preface before I jump in and make you blush….

Here are a few philosophies about film consumption to which I aspire:  Cinema should be celebrated and enjoyed with like-minded friends, preferably with time set aside afterward for drinks, dinner, and discussion!  No one can tell you which film is best for you — film is like wine, you may not enjoy a full-bodied burgundy,  you may be looking forward to a light, crisp sauvignon blanc — or even a beer!  Film appreciation all depends on your frame of mind, what you’ve eaten, who you’re with, and your own personal expectations and desires.

Many people have heard me say this, however, it bears repeating, especially in light of the blog posts headed your way:  in my opinion there should be more SEX and less VIOLENCE in film.  Yes, that’s right — more nudity, more erotic content, and a more realistic depiction of human sexuality featuring men and women equally!  More passion; less dismemberment! This does not mean that I am looking for X-rated content in every movie — just a little more realism and less puritanical attitudes about sex in the cinema.  If there were fewer gunshots and stabbings and more scenes of casual hand-holding, neck-nuzzling, and ordinary expressions of affection (but not loud smacking close-ups of tongue wrestling), it would make going to the movies a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. As to my Drinks with Films moniker:  it does not mean that i am drinking with every film or that every film requires alcohol (or some beverage) to be enjoyed. This is my Rating System: one drink indicates that I didn’t much like the film.   Five drinks–this is a film that really deserves to be celebrated!  Five drinks does not mean that’s how many I needed to get through the film, although there are some movies that I would highly recommend an inebriated state for more enjoyment…

Now that the basics are out of the way — let’s talk about SEX!

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