“20 Feet From Stardom” — from back-up to spotlight!

tumblr_mkyyetsuOd1sn7wjto2_400This was a particularly great year for documentaries.  Eric Kohn of Indiewire picks his  top 10 documenataries; one of which is a favorite of mine: Cutie and the Boxer (review here: https://drinkswithfilms.com/2013/08/23/fond-farewell-to-the-bay-area/)  I’d suggest you put all of these films on your streaming queue though I haven’t seen them all.  I would warn you to take a motion sickness pill if you get queasy with hand-held camera movements if you sit down to Leviathan!


20 Feet From Stardom is another great documentary from last year.  If you love Motown or R & B, this is a must-see for you!  The award-winning director, Morgan Neville shines a spotlight on the untold true story of the backup singers behind some of the greatest musical legends of the 21st century.  The film features some wonderful, mostly female, singers and tells the story of why some of these artists aren’t interested in stepping into the limelight and enduring all the trappings of fame.  A gripping and involving film, you’ll be grooving in your seat and rooting for the women as they rock the mic!

Full synopsis

  • Cast: Lou Adler, Stephanie ‘Stevvi’ Alexander, Patti Austin
  • Director: Morgan Neville

Rating: 3 cups of Throat Coat tea

Bechdel Rating: A+

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