“Foxcatcher”–the problem of casting against type with large noses

Foxcatcher still

This photo says it all: two actors cast against type and sporting large prosthetic schnoozes!  There was some buzz about Steve Carell’s amazing performance in Foxcatcher, but with an exaggerated speech pattern and stilted performance as a wealthy wrestling enthusiast, he’s almost a comic book character.  As his obsession (and lover?), Channing Tantum sports a companion fake nose and a comically-stiff walk with so little dramatic range, that his character is hard to root for or to even find like-able.  In contrast, Mark Ruffalo (even in a bad hair piece) gives a restrained performance and exudes the only warmth in the film.  His performance comes off as natural and even though he looks nothing like his supposed brother, there is a warmth and chemistry with Channing Tantum.  He is the only true thing in this over-blown, messy film.

Rating: 1 bottle of beer — with no line of coke as a chaser

Bechdel Rating: Fails


Director: Bennett Miller


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